Alright, you asked for it. Here we go.

While my friends know me as a comedy junkie / makeup hoarder / Thai food connoisseur, I'm also a Millennial Business Coach.

What the hell does that mean? I help people in their 20's and 30's launch and scale hugely profitable online businesses, no matter where they currently are in their careers.

So, how did this all start?

When I was 15, I remember being told that it was time to get my first job. "You have responsibilities now," my parents told me. "Working will help you become more mature, successful, and skilled."

Even if your parents, teachers or community members didn't explicitly say this to you, I'm sure you can agree that it was implied, right? Having a job = adulthood, having a job = responsible, and having a job = doing the right thing. We've all been taught this since we were basically five years old. 

So, I'm sure you can imagine how shocked I was when I landed my first full-time job at age 22 and HATED IT. The full-time employee life sucked! I had super controlling bosses, I felt very under-appreciated, I was seriously underpaid, and I was trapped in a never-ending cycle of office desks, pointless "team meetings" and awkward break-room small talk.

Been there? 

After 10 months, I decided that I had had enough. Nope, I didn't wait to reach "one year so that I could at least put it on my resume". I didn't bother to check my bank account. I didn't believe that I had any worthy professional skills. I didn't have any idea what I was doing. All I knew is that I was determined to figure out how I could be my own boss.

So, I quit and launched my social media consultancy. It turns out I was really good at it - in the first week of launching, I had signed my first $1,500/ month retainer client, and within three months, I had tripled my monthly income. Because my monthly revenue had suddenly skyrocketed, I started traveling the world with my boyfriend, I moved into a way nicer apartment, and I started spoiling the hell out of my loved ones. I was finally living life on my terms without anyone setting constraints on my success.

After about a year of running my consultancy, I decided to transition into business + marketing coaching. So many millennials had been coming to asking how I had succeeded at building my business as a solopreneur, which is what inspired me to share my knowledge with the world. 

Today, I teach my community of more than 10,000 subscribers how they can strategize, launch, and scale massively profitable online businesses. And I have a damn good time while doing it.

By the way, this all started in January 2015.


So trust me, I get if you:

  • Feel trapped, guilty or "entitled" about not liking your job

  • Feel like you're not making enough money and have no control over getting a raise

  • Feel like your professional growth is completely out of your control

  • Feel like you have the potential to launch your own business but you don't have the confidence or know-how to get started


I was there too, which is why I've designed programs that helps millennials stop wasting their time and start making the real money they desire.

Because ultimately, it's our responsibility to work for our happiness, not the happiness of someone else. 

Am I right or am I right?

If you're ready to start building your own career and living a life of real financial freedom, let's talk about how you can make it happen.