Hey, soon-to-be Insta Rockstar!

Imagine if it were possible to have...

- A massive, constantly growing IG account with high engagement

- Nonstop DM's (direct messages) from people wanting to know more about your services

- Hundreds (if not thousands!) of new addresses added to your email list

- Influencer status on Instagram (get ready for other brands to request shoutouts from you!)

 - A content creation and publishing strategy that perfectly aligns with your brand

Good news: It is!

What's the story with this course?


About two years ago, my Instagram account wasn't doing so well. I had less than 300 followers, I didn't pay much attention to it, and I mostly used it to occasionally post pictures of my dog. Sound familiar?

Then one day, my boyfriend said to me "Would you mind if I took over your account for a while?" My boyfriend is an Instagram GENIUS, and because I had nothing to lose (it wasn't a business account or anything) I handed the ropes over to him.

Within four days of him taking over my account, I had hundreds of new followers (legit, relevant followers) and was receiving private messages from people wanting to work with me.

I started having more and more people sign up for Discovery Calls with me, and when I asked where they heard about my services, they said Instagram. These people were ready to buy from me!

Even when they didn't buy, they ended up in my sales funnel anyway. A solid percentage opted into my freebies, got on my email list, and joined my Facebook group. And today, a few months later, I have over 10,000 followers. Instagram is now the main place where I discover clients.

Eliav then taught me step-by-step how to implement every Instagram strategy he had used. I was BLOWN AWAY by his level of expertise and the amount of impact he was able to make in such a short amount of time. So then, after talking about it, we decided to share this knowledge with the world.

That's right folks. This is the most kick ass, in depth Instagram Bootcamp training EVER.

This is a one-month video-based series where we show you EXACTLY what we did, step by step, to grow my account (and business!) like crazy. 

This fun, step-by-step training includes:

- Four detailed, interactive videos (you receive one each week)

- One bonus demonstration videos (you receive it in the third week)

- Built-in assignments to help you grow immediately

- Unlimited email support so that you can share your progress with us



What do IG Bootcamp Graduates have to say?

“Umm what is this sorcery?? This training is INSANE. Not only were the videos really detailed, easy to follow and fun to watch, but Lena’s team is incredible with their email support. I sent them everything I produced and every piece of “homework” I completed, and within a few hours, Lena’s team would get back to me with specific feedback and tons of suggestions for how to do it even better! Any question I had was answered to the fullest. This course turned Instagram from a fun app on my phone to a major source of revenue for me. Seriously, this training was a game changer.”
— Rachaela, Social Media Consultant
Lena’s IG Bootcamp was the perfect purchase for me. Being a busy online coach I need consumable content that delivers the “growth goods”. This course was easy to implement and left me with a solid strategy for growth. I highly recommend purchasing it to help you attract your ideal clients and turn them into paying customers.
— Erin Alphonso, Fitness Coach
“When I got Lena’s IG Bootcamp, I was new in my freelance business and didn’t have a solid marketing strategy in place. So I decided to give it a try. I started out with about 250 followers, and now have over 10K followers in just three months. From those people, 24 of them have turned into paying customers, 19 of which were for one of my high-level group programs ($2,000 each). You do the math. I’m beyond satisfied with my results!”
— Jake, SAT Tutor


The price?



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