So, you recently launched your own business. You found all of this awesome content online and you're ready to hit the ground running. That rocks! Congrats! 

But let's be honest: Most likely, you already feel stuck. Hell, maybe you never even got started and are still hiding under your cubicle desk. (I see you!)

Let me know if this is you: You have some ideas for a great business, but you don't know how to validate them. You want to get more clients, but you don't know how. You want to use social media as a key marketing tool, but you don't know anything about social media marketing. You want people to actually see your content because currently you're publishing blog posts to crickets. 

Ugh! Nothing makes you feel insecure, confused, and overwhelmed like opening a new business alone. Am I right or am I right?

But what if you could blow through all of that self-doubt, gain clarity right away, and identify your exact next steps to reach success?

"That would be cool, Lena!"

I know, I know. That's why I want to sit down with you for two hours and help you get through your biggest pain points in your business.

That way, you can move forward and focus on what's important: helping your clients and making money!

Instead of spending the next week, month, or six months trying to break through one block in your business, we can solve it together and design a custom step-by-step solution that you can take forward and implement immediately.

You down? 

Let me give you some examples of how I've done this for others.

A Millennial Go-Getters member, Sarah, came to me three months ago and said that she wanted to drive more people to her email list but didn't know how.

"Well, what have you already been doing?" I asked.

"Mostly posting my freebie in Facebook groups and asking friends to pass it around."

"Great. Let's sit down for two hours and I'll show you exactly what you need to do to drive way more people more consistently into your email list."

In those two hours, I showed her how to create a high-converting and affordable Facebook ad that wouldn't only drive new people into her list, but into an email sequence that we created together. The email sequence ended in an offer to purchase her $59 info product, many of which sold within her first two weeks of implementing. 

So basically: She gained 56 new subscribers and earned $1,121 due to a two-hour conversation we had.

She had spent three months trying to solve this issue herself. Yet in two hours, she was able to leap 10 steps ahead.

Here's another example. 

Another community member, Jake, wrote me an email explaining his frustration with his new website.

"I want to put together a website that will really grab people's attention, but I'm not a good writer. I don't know how to express myself in a way that's concise, interesting, and professional." 

"Okay, well, what have you been doing up until this point?"

"Staring at a blank page on Wordpress waiting for the right words to come to me."

"Awesome, sounds productive. Let's sit down for two hours and I'll show you exactly how to create engaging copy that will make people want to buy from you."

So, we sat down for two hours and created an entire content marketing strategy for him. Within a month, he had two new web design clients, totalling at $6,000. Not bad for two hours of work.

I now want to offer the same two hours to you for a fraction of the price.

Because if you're a new entrepreneur, you probably have a challenge or two that you're also struggling to overcome. And there's no reason that you have to spend months figuring it out on your own when you and I can solve it together in one sitting.

We call this mini-program the Two-Hour Power Intensive, and it's normally priced at $600. It's what both Jake and Sarah and many others have paid too (sorry, guys). 

But until June 1, I'm pricing it at the insane price of $197.

Why? Because I want you to see results at an accelerated rate and at an affordable price. You're welcome.


If you're looking to uncover blocks around the following topics...

  • Mindset shifts (self-doubt, comparative-itis, overwhelm, stress, etc)
  • Self-actualization (identifying your most profitable skills and interests that you should be channeling)
  • Business Idea Validation (how do you know that your business idea is actually legit?)
  • Business Strategy (figuring out what it really requires to work)
  • Digital Marketing (social media, content, paid media, etc)
  • Copywriting (for your website, ads, blogging, email marketing, sales pages, landing pages, etc)
  • Sales funnels (designing one that actually works and doesn't give you a raging headache)
  • Branding (formulating a personal brand that resonates with both you and your target audience)
  • Community Building (creating a huge following around your brand that will buy everything you sell)
  • Info Products (how to create them and sell them on autopilot)

Then this mini-program is for you!

But let's be honest: you probably still have a question or two. 

Here are the number one questions we get about Power Intensive. 

This sounds like exactly what I need. How much does it cost again?

It's normally $600, but until May 1, the Two-Hour Power Intensive is only $197. 

What's the format of the mini program?

You book either one 2-hour call or two 1-hour calls where you and I speak directly over Skype. We take those two hours to talk about core issues of your business and create custom-strategies for overcoming them.

Is anything else included other than the two hours?

Yes, in fact. Every single person who signs up for the program receives a free cruise package to the Bahamas. This is a 3-day all-inclusive cruise for you and a loved one. When you sign up, I'll send you your voucher that you can use during any time over the next 18 months.

Have other questions?

Email me at