Whatever You Do, Don't Be THIS Person

I want to take a second to tell you about the type of person who really bothers me.

You know that friend you have who will ask you a question like, "OMG, how did you lose so much weight? You look amazing! I'd love to lose that much weight. Tell me your secret!"

And you answer something like, "I ate less sugar and cheese and exercised a few times a week."

And then their response is, "Oh wow, I could NEVER cut out sugar and cheese and I also can't afford a gym membership and I also don't have time to exercise or cook, so that wouldn't work for me. You're AMAZING though, keep up the good work!"

You literally HANDED them the EXACT answer they were looking for, yet they still found a way to wiggle out of it. They didn't even pause to come up with the excuse - it's like they had rehearsed it in front of a mirror.

But the truth is, there's more to these people than just laziness.

In my experience, there are two main reasons that people respond like this:

1. They're afraid of committing to something

2. They don't believe that they're capable of succeeding


Let's talk about the second one.

I find it really fascinating that people trust that someone else - even complete strangers! - can succeed at something, but when it comes to themselves - someone they know really well! - there's just no way.

How fucked up is that? People have 100% faith that someone else can lose weight, make money, travel the world, or have a nice car, but they have zero faith that they can achieve it themselves.

But in reality, this makes no sense. We're all capable of eating healthier or moving our bodies more. There's no reason that someone else can lose weight and we can't. Yet for some reason we convince ourselves that we can't pull it off, so we hide under excuses.

If you're thinking "Shit, this is totally me..." don't worry, you're not alone. I also used to think that way!

A few years ago, I would follow big entrepreneurs online, not because I thought I was ever capable of achieving that sort of success, but because it gave me some sort of weird satisfaction.

Like I could watch this person's life and all of the amazing things they're doing while I remain safe under the covers in my comfort zone.

Basically, I soaked up all of the thrill and inspiration, but when it came to action, I could retreat back to my cubicle and do nothing. It was so comforting.

Have you ever felt this way?

Two years ago, I was sitting behind a cubicle desk watching Gary Vaynerchuck's YouTube videos and imagining what that kind of success would feel like. I was so jealous that Gary had this multimillion dollar empire and insane following of people. But still, I told myself "People like him can succeed at this, but I can't." Exit YouTube, back to work.

But when you look at who Gary really is, you see that he's a normal guy. He didn't have any advantages that I didn't. He was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the States as a child and lived in a one-room apartment with 10 family members. His dad got a job at a liquor store to support his family. He didn't get good grades growing up. He basically failed through college. He was a regular dude!

Gary's story taught me that I had no excuse for not succeeding. So, I decided to give this whole business thing a try. Because what was the worst that could happen? I could fail? I'd embarrass myself?

Oh, please. I'll survive.

And here we are, two years later. I built a business from the ground up. I traveled the world. I made a lot of money. I did all of the things I thought everyone else could do except for me.

And last week, I made $12K within a 5-day time period, something I never thought was possible.

Look at me now, Gary Vee!

No, I'm not special. I don't have some secret to success that you don't. I'm not a good public speaker. I'm not particularly organized. I don't have an off-the-charts IQ. I don't have degrees in business or marketing. I wasn't born with insane ambition or focus.

I'm just a regular 25-year-old girl who eats excessive amounts of peanut butter and listens to a lot of country music. That's it.

Does this mean that I'm not capable of having a 6-figure business? Does this mean that I'm not amazing at what I do? Does this mean that I won't continue to grow? Does this mean that I'm not entitled to have huge goals and chase after them?

Hell no.

And same goes for you. You are capable of being one of those entrepreneurs with thousands of followers, 5-figure revenue months, nice cars and international vacations. You can literally have whatever the fuck you want. So stop hating on yourself and give yourself a damn chance. I promise that you won't regret it.