How To Establish Real, Permanent Confidence In Yourself

"Lena, how are you so confident? How do I develop the same permanent, unshakable confidence in my own business?"

Good question.

If you're sitting in a pile of comparative-itis, imposter syndrome and fear-based stuck-ness, this is how you can get out of it now.

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But before we jump into that, let me share a quick story with you. (Seriously  - READ IT!)

When I first got started in my coaching journey, I had a good friend who was on the same track as me.

She was determined to start her own online business, work for herself, and achieve the true financial freedom and sustainability we all dream of.

We'd stay up all night on the phone future-tripping over what it would look like to travel the world, live in a high-rise luxury apartment, buy Jimmy Choo shoes, shop at Whole Foods, whatever.

This was at the same time that I learned about an online coach who specialized in helping women make more money in their businesses.

My friend and I were scrolling through her website, completely inspired by what this woman had achieved for both her and her clients. It was truly life-changing stuff.

And then came the price tag for her coaching program...

After seeing the coaching fee, my friend immediately scoffed, told me that we'd be crazy to spend that amount of money, and immediately headed to Udemy to try to find something cheaper.

And while I too had the initial thoughts of...

I can't spend this much money on myself. I don't even have that much money!

Everyone would think I'm crazy, or irresponsible, or too "dreamy".

What if it doesn't work? What if I fail and embarrass myself?

I have other financial priorities - rent, bills, my flight home for this Thanksgiving, etc.

This is a really scary commitment - maybe I should try to do it on my own first.


...I threw all of my resistance in the trash.

Because I knew deep down that I couldn't allow myself to get caught up in the details along the way.

I had to focus on the end result that I was aiming for (which at the time was hitting $10K months).

And I knew that if I could achieve consistent $10K income months, then the rest would pay for itself and my original problems would be gone.

I would be able to buy that flight home or pay my rent without any stress at all.

I could go crazy at Whole Foods or any store I wanted to.

I could move into a way nicer apartment.

I would have proven to myself that I was an entrepreneurial success story.


My friend, on the other hand, focused on the fear that it brought up in her and said NO to the opportunity.

She took the DIY route....Buying online courses, reading endless blog posts, opting into every freebie she saw, watching 100 webinars, trying to "pick the brains" of those around her, etc...

And while she was doing that, I headed down to the bank, took out a loan, and paid the coach in full.

Now, let's fast forward to today, three years later.

Today, my friend works in a full time job in Chicago with a few small freelance clients on the side. She makes about $1000 a month from her side business, still lives in the same apartment she always did, and still complains about the ridiculous prices at Whole Foods.

But because I took a risk on myself, saw this purchase as an investment, and ignored all fear-based resistance that was coming up inside of me, my reality today looks very different.

Today, a $10K month in my business would be a bad one.

$50-$80K months are our norm. I live in my dream high-rise luxury apartment. I travel the world multiple times a year. And I truly live a life without any financial worry or complaints.

To me, that's the best return on investment that I could ask for.

And that's what I want you to take away from this.

Working with a coach is not the same as buying a car or a Marc Jacobs bag or $500 pair of shoes.

Most things you spend your money on do not go up in value. They are not an investment. They're one-time, Endorphin-inducing purchases.

Why do so many consider those "normal" and "reasonable" purchases instead of those that will help them make more money? It's crazy to me!

Having the right business coach in your corner, on the other hand, will enable you to make 10 times your investment in a matter of months.

The ROI is undeniable.

So tell me - If you knew that for every dollar you'd put in, you'd make ten dollars back, how much would you put in?

"All of my dollars. Duh!"

This is how it works with Lena Elkins Coaching. We help coaches and online entrepreneurs make back their investment and more quickly through proven, customized marketing, branding, and business positioning strategies. No guessing, no insecurity, no wondering if it will work.

Just hands-on expert guidance, accountability, and commitment to your success until you see the results.

That simple.

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